Equestrian Property in Manteca CA

Buying agricultural property Manteca CA for a horse farm is a different ball game than buying a family home. When you’re looking for an equestrian property, your concerns are for your horses’ comfort, health and safety rather than your family’s convenience. You want to live with your horses to save boarding fees and to have the ability to have your horses close by. Manteca has its roots in agriculture. Even though the town is known for being a gateway to Yosemite with plenty of beautiful mountain homes, you’ll find many great lots for raising horses.

What to Look For When Buying Equestrian Land

Not all land is created equal when it comes to raising horses. You want a place that drains well, so that your horses aren’t standing in standing water. The soil should be soft with plenty of grassy spots, and conducive to horses’ hoofs, not rocky soil that will bruise your horses. There should be access to water. You’ll also want to consider where the horses’ urine will run off and where you’re going put the manure that a horse generates.

Horses require shelter to keep them safe from inclement weather. You want barns on your property and small structures in the pasture that provide shade from the hot, California sun. You may space for tack rooms, feed storage and hay storage. Fences are vital to protecting your horses, but you can’t use barbed wire fences to keep your horses in.

You’ll also want to make sure you have room to move trailers in and out and places for your vet and furrier to park. Where are you going to park your equipment, such as horse trailers, tractors, manure spreaders and mowers? Does the property have pathways that let you get to the barn without walking through inches of water when it’s raining?

Why Our Office Knows Horse Land

When you’re shopping for land for a horse farm, you need a real estate agent who understands your needs. I have experience in running a horse training business. I’m an active member of the Diablo Arabian Horse Assoc. and the Arabian Horse Assoc. Bay Area Equestrian Network. I have lived on horse ranches and know how to talk about the different kinds of barns and storage sheds.

Buying agricultural land has a different loan application and inspection process from buying a family home. Our team has a network of lenders who process these kinds of loans. We also know inspectors and contractors who will support your land with wells, septic system and improvements.

Contact our office using the online form or give us a call at (209) 441-6762. We’d love to help you find your equestrian property in Manteca CA.

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Deborah Compilli
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